The forecasting module is a tool used for advanced forecasting, which is an integral part of AMCS 'design systems. This module is a vital and valuable addition to the design system.

Based on historical information, the module predicts inventory replenishment times, or vice versa, when inventory will fill up and require collection. The forecasting module generates orders that are transferred to the planning module's order database, automatically.

The prediction is made based on historical information. It is always advisable to enter as rich historical information as possible into the software, but the system is also able to make predictions based on information of only one or two weeks.
Short-term data will provide a snapshot of current trends, while long-term information will provide more accurate information in favor of forecasting.

The Forecast component can be entered in a number of ways: Integration with Vendor-managed inventory (VMI) tools that automatically measure inventory levels; Manually report inventory levels as well as receive real-time sales data updates.
Based on the above current data, the current inventory status is verified and the expected time for renewal or collection is even more accurate.

Forecast module – adds great value in planning situations such as:

  • Renewal of inventory of fuel products for tanks at gas stations, etc.
  • Renewal of cement and blend stocks at Ready-Mix plants.
  • Cash filling at ATMs in the money transfer industry.
  • Garbage collection from underground garbage cans and the like.

The module has a user-friendly interface which clearly shows the inventory status and the forecast curves for it. The interface allows the user to easily track inventory and alert levels and make required repairs accordingly.

Example of a working screen with the Forecast module:



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