The dynamic reality of today’s markets, require companies to manage their inventory more efficiently. Client loyalty and margins are largely depend on optimal relations with suppliers. Even replenishing the most stable items can become an issue when we need to forecast every item per POS per day. The added complexity of special activities and promotions make spreadsheets and previous generation planning systems obsolete. The large scale of data and variables analysis require an advanced algorithmic engines, machine learning and AI to stay ahead of the competition.

Dynamic replenishment
Max\min stock calculation that take both the dynamic nature of the market, outstanding customer orders and inbound orders.

Supply constrains
From external supplier constraints to internal DC constrains, all replenishment proposals are optimized to the business requirements.

Long, Mid and short horizon planning
The ability to create a plan for any planning horizon depending on the business requirements.

Rough Cut and Production
Planning rough-cut capacity for optimal connection between production and supply chain.

Multi-echelon replenishment
On time replenishment of DC’s on every level of the network

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