Roadnet Transportation Suite (RTS) application package allows the organization to share planning data among logistic units via common platform with a uniform user interface and shared database. The software uses market-leading advance algorithms to optimize the organization supply chain.

RTS is widely used by organizations in the following fields of industry: Food and Beverage, Distribution companies, Pharmacy, Logistics, Consumer products and more.


 GreenMile provides detailed visibility of vehicles, routes, orders and customer status in real-time to managers, dispatchers, sales reps, merchandisers and customer service teams.
It’s not just about where drivers are now, but also where they should be. compare actual-vs-plan performance, deal with plan deviations and make changes to routes or orders on the fly.


A user friendly with fast ROI solution for service and inventory optimization. Developed by Toolsgroup, Service Optimizer, SO99+, creates for each SKU in each storage location a stock-to-service relationship curve, which allows you to optimize between customer service and stock value. SO99+ improves short term forecasting accuracy, calculate safety stocks and reorder points, increasing service level and reducing inventory.


develops and implements some of the market’s most sophisticated, reliable and user-friendly IT systems for transport and distribution planning and optimization. Whether your focus is on fleet management, route planning, transport optimization or resource scheduling, you are sure to benefit greatly from AMCS’s high-quality solutions and extensive knowledge of the field.

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