End-to-End solution for supply chain planning and optimization, from SI&OP to stock replenishment, by allocating the right stock mix at the right time and location.

Through using SO99+ to analyze granular data points on a daily basis to create a live feedback from the market and allocating the stock accordingly, our clients are able to surpass their goals and align their effort to maximize their resources.

Over the decades, our solution has proved to be highly versatile and adaptive to a variety of industries. From MRO and FMCG to Pharma and Production, SO99+ proved its ease of integration, business process adaptability and user friendliness.

Demand Forecasting
Statistical demand forecast optimization using an MLE for a variety of horizons and scenarios, creates minimum error delta while optimizing product availability.

Demand Collaboration
By generating a consensus forecast, stakeholders can provide a more accurate view of the market through a collaborative effort that results in a more accurate planning, better understanding, and shared goals.

Stock Level Optimization
Optimal stock levels ensure correct stock allocation through the entire network from end client to component suppliers.

Promotion Planning
By analyzing historical promotions and marketing activities, through a proprietary machine-learning engine, users can evaluate the cost-benefit of their activities and make the best of their available budget.

Stock Replenishment
Ensure that the right stock will be available at the right place and time, to minimize cost and avoid sales loss, through optimal service levels and stock management policy.


Allows top down planning and decision-making, which takes into account the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s supply chain. Thus aligning the goals of sales, operation and logistic departments.

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