The increased complexity of the modern supply chain, with global suppliers, faster product cycles and higher customer expectations, might strain even the most well managed S&OP processes. SO99 provides the next step in S&OP, by allowing more stakeholders to take part in the process and direct feedback from the supply chain.

Combining the strategic, tactical and operational models in one place, our solution provides a control tower that brings all the data to one place and streamlining the decision process. The added cross-departmental view focuses the joint effort of the stakeholders in achieving companies’ goals.

Single model S&OP process
Single data model for S&OP process creates a more realistic operational plan.

Optimal stakeholder visibility into the MRP process
Internal and external stakeholders can participate in the process, providing valuable information and optimizing the joint effort.

Optimal S&OP plan
Synchronizing S&OP and Supply chain planning creates an optimal and viable plan on all levels of the organization.

Managing risk and opportunity
The stochastic process for strategic decision-making promotes risk mitigation and easier discovery of opportunities, both internal and external.

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