Promotions and marketing events planning is a complex task, requiring cross-organizational synchronization. By providing a collaborative platform for all stakeholders, with a single data set, the process becomes faster and more accurate.

Using AI the system can forecast the probability for the success of a given promotion, its sales profile and ROI. In addition, by connecting directly to the supply chain planning process they assure the promotion will be supported by providing the right stock at the right time and place.

Promotion simulation
Promo Planner evaluates the different parameters affecting the outcome of a promotion, to provide assessment and feedback on its result. In addition, the system provides an immediate feedback on ROI and Service level impact of the promotion.

Performance control
Maximizing marketing activities by bridging the gap between marketing and operations. Informing both sides on developments and changes that require their attention.

Promotion Forecast
There are abundant variables on all levels and channels in the network, which might affect the planning process. By automating the process, Promo Planner makes this an effortless task.

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