Stock Level Optimization

Stock Level Optimization

Having the right stock at the right time and place is key, in achieving satisfactory service levels and other KPIs. For that reason, companies must move from Demand driven planning to Service level driven planning, which allows for more flexibility and dynamic changes, allowing to create the right balance between stock, service and demand.

Our advantages


Optimal Service levels

Multi echelon stock optimization that enables the organization to reach its’ service level goals


"What-IF" analysis

Creating “What-if” scenarios of service level to inventory cost for strategic planning


Multi-echelon optimization

Stock planning and optimization extends from POS to the lowest levels of BOM components.


Real time re-calculation

Large data set modeling and scenario recalculation for planning and analysis.


Stock policy on SKU\Location level

Stock management policy is propagated through the network for every SKU\Location

תהליך S&OP - אייקון


Interactive dashboard with built in alerts that focus on immediate issues and abnormalities.

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