Using advanced demand forecasting technology means that planners do not have to add the science of data analysis and algorithm development to a long list of skills required of them. Behind its elegant simplicity, there is a powerful engine, capable of calculating a reliable forecast and assessing the stability of the item.

Instead of planners who need to choose the best algorithm for a given situation, we provide one adaptive algorithm, which automatically creates a reliable basic forecast for each item / warehouse / store – from fast items with daily traffic to slow and unexpected items.

With the help of the software, the planners are free from the need of building the forecast and can invest extra time in making decisions where human business insight is required.

Self-adapting forecasting
Self-adapting forecast uses pattern recognition to assign specific forecast algorithm for each SKU and adapt it as needed over time.

Separate Demand Signals
Understand base profile and all drivers of demand lift, like seasonality, promotions and external variables.

Innovative Algorithm
Frequency-based forecasting of quantities, order lines and variabilities. Creating a more flexible statistical probability forecast.

Powerful Visualizations
View any level of product, market and time hierarchy in all units of measurement.

Bottom-up forecasting from detailed customer transactions to the level of the entire company

Automated Peak Trimming
Automatic recognition and neutralizing of extreme events to avoid far reaching effects on forecast and inventory.

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