Distribution and logistics management to stores

Distribution and logistics

Distributing products to sales points is an important component, sometimes centralized, for consumer product ownership. Yet, many of the manufacturers do not give the bearer the proper attention by focusing on the product itself and ignoring the costs of their expenses, which may seem trivial but cumulative to a considerable percentage of the product cost screen. In an era of free and aggressive competition in which all technological tools are required to improve the efficiency and improvement of business conduct, including distribution and logistics, the winner will be the one who has been able to implement and assimilate these tools in its activities, in order to produce a competitive advantage in front of the market, B to reduce the cost of the consumer and the price to improve customer service.


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The simple truth about distribution activities to stores

There are endless ways you can distribute your products to the various sales points throughout the country, but there is only one way that is the most efficient, shortest, quickest and cheapest way. Your ability to find your way affects a series of fixed costs and change in your business conduct, ranging from inventory costs and storage, through vehicle costs, fuel and maintenance to manpower costs. Over the years, many manual models have been developed to streamline the distribution activity of manufacturers and distribution companies. These models were excellent for their hours and who followed them also managed to maintain a good level of competitiveness, cost, and service in front of the market.

Distribution and logistics management to stores

Distribution Management System – what does it know to do?

A distribution management system is actually a computerized system based on sophisticated algorithms that run on data geographical spaces and incorporates all the resources used by the customer to distribute products (trucks, workers, warehouses, routes, targets, and so on). This system knows exactly how many inbound product units are in each truck, it recognizes the sale of sales points and takes all the existing data and manufactures a map of paths for distribution to stores in the fastest, most efficient and cheapest way – minimum, maximum salvage, and no duplicates and waste. A combination of such a system in distribution and logistics activities can lead to significant savings in distribution costs, to a significant improvement in customer service (speed and delivery times), and ultimately to improve real competitive status.

Ramner Logistics Software provides a variety of software solutions for the distribution and logistics industry and advises its customers on the implementation of advanced software solutions and all aspects of the distribution management in the business. In the company’s website you can take into care about the various solutions offered by Rsner and you can contact us today on phone 08-6216601 with any questions that concern you.

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