Supply Chain

What is a supply chain actually? What is the real importance of managing an effective supply chain? How much can you control such a chain that involves third parties to the business and how to do it? In the following lines we will try to answer these questions briefly and brevity, and now we will give the bottom line – computerized solutions that do the work for you and much better than anyone.

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What is a chain of supply and what is its real importance to the business?

Supply chain is any chain of factors and actions involved in the process between the raw material and the final product on the shelf, the chain between the wheat field and the pasta bag on the shelf in the supermarket, the chain between the chip manufacturers and the electronic components and the laptop on the shop shelf. In the process of manufacturing a product or service, there is a series of factors and actions in which the raw materials become a final product available to the customer. In the food products, for example, the chain begins in the agricultural, passes through a reseller, wholesale, food manufacturer, distributor and retailer. For each branch and sometimes for each product, there is a separate chain of its own and the conduct of the same chain directly affects the performance of the Central/brand manufacturer – timely, full availability of resources and players in the chain, transparency of information, inventory management and storage, demand forecasts and providing response to supply – all of these affect product quality, its production cost, and the quality of the service, and later also on the business performance of the brand and the success of its products in the market.

Supply Chain

What is an effective supply chain?

Efficiency is undoubtedly the key to success in managing supply chain. An effective supply chain is a chain that flows through information and commodities in an optimal way, i.e., everyone knows exactly what needs to be done in order to provide the necessary supply to meet market demand at all times and in real time. Such an effective management involves large amounts of data flowing from the market and the various players along the chain, analyzing the data in real time and planning a response to any scenario that arises. Supply chains have always existed, but great effectiveness has not been there. In a competitive age where price, quality and service are essential conditions for success, only computerized systems can give the necessary response to managing an effective supply chain.

On the Reissner Logistics website you can find extensive information about the subject of its effective supply chain and management, and learn how you can adopt smart software solutions to improve the supply chain on which your business activities are based. You can also contact us by phone 08-6216601 and get a response to any questions about the subject.

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