The AMCS Transport Optimization module is a dynamic and real-time solution for transportation planning and operational control. The system is built and aimed at managing and optimizing the delivery of orders in a changing environment, where orders are received and updated during the work with high frequency and statuses are received and updated regularly.

The system is a powerful tool for optimizing real-time transportation, helping companies achieve flexibility and efficiency in a demanding and dynamic design environment.

The Transport Optimization software provides a perfect snapshot of the means of transportation at any given time and can support planning through action automatically or manually.

Using the drag and drop technique, you can automatically or manually transfer orders between the order database, Gantt charts, the route list and the digital map.

Every decision is immediately supported in calculating the impact of the change on the overall plan and thus the planning process becomes a constant interaction between the planner and the system.

Basic system functionality:

Gantt chart:

View available resources.
Overall operational picture.
Overview of timeline, warnings and operations.
Display of key metrics.

Order Bank:

  • Filter orders.
  • Performance indices per specific order and also a general summary for all orders.
  • Order status indicator.
  • Warnings about violations of service rules and constraints.

A summary table summarizes:

  • Up-to-date status regarding the progress of the planning execution.
  • Indications regarding resource utilization.
  • Detailed data on travel and order of stations.
  • Detailed performance metrics for each of the tracks.

Digital maps:

  • Up-to-date status regarding the progress of the planning execution.
  • Detailed graphic representation of the tracks.
  • View and sort orders.

The benefit to the user of the AMCS Transport Optimization system:

  • Up-to-date and optimal planning in real time.
  • Improving efficiency in complex optimization scenarios.
  • Optimal resource utilization.
  • Detailed control over the design.
  • Improved flexibility in operation.
  • Meeting all restrictions and constraints.
  • High flexibility in planning lists and itineraries.
  • Improved control over service levels.
  • Providing a quick response to unexpected events.

The core components of AMCS Transport Optimization:

Dispatch: Manually managed planning and shipping using a graphical and dynamic interface

Optimize: Automatic optimization

RealTime: Real-time-based optimization

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