A system for managing and controlling a complex transportation system

Based on decades of experience in the field, AMCS Group (acquired Transvision) develops and delivers sophisticated, reliable and user-friendly systems. The company offers a package of solutions for planning and optimizing transportation and distribution. If you are looking for a solution for fleet management, route planning, transportation system optimization or resource management – you will benefit greatly from the quality solutions and extensive knowledge of AMCS products in the field.

Transportation and shipping management software enables the organization to significantly reduce fleet operating costs and CO2 emissions. Through a complete package of fleet and route planning system or a focused problem-solving module in a particular area of industry, AMCS enables the organization to improve efficiency, achieve significant savings and reduce the level of air pollution that the organization produces. AMCS offers a very wide range of products – from advanced systems for route management to real-time planning systems, shipping and control systems that cover all the needs of the organization.

Results from AMCS system implementation

For more than 30 years, AMCS has been providing the most advanced design systems in the industry. The proposed solutions enable the organization to improve efficiency and measurable results.

The AMCS Transport Optimization system achieves large savings for its customers and has a short period of return on investment.

Main modules of AMCS systems:

AMCS Transport Optimization – The leading module for dynamic and real-time transportation optimization

ForeCasting – a complementary module to Fleet Planner that performs prediction based on historical data and creates orders accordingly.



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