Optimization of inventory levels

The challenges:

Expensive inventory scattered along the supply chain.
Incorrect mix of inventories in warehouses.
Unknown service levels.
Complex and expensive inventory management.

The proposed solution:

Multi-level optimization of MEIO inventory.
Planning according to the level of service required.
Cost Reduction.
Quick and affordable implementation. Possibility of implementation as SaaS.

We help managers who want to quickly improve their operational metrics, free up capital, and significantly improve the level of service while creating savings.

The system performs optimization in three dimensions:

Inventory mix – the optimal level of service and inventory for each item in the warehouse.
Package size – the optimal delivery package for ordering from the supplier and delivery to warehouses down the chain, taking into account shipping costs and inventory management costs.
Inventory location in the supply chain – what is the optimal inventory distribution in the network.

Forecast and demand planning

Optimization of inventory levels

Inventory refresh

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