Dynamic forecast and planning of demand

The challenges:

The proposed solution:

Accurate calculation of forecast at item-warehouse level.
Handling slow and volatile items.
Improving planner outputs.

ToolsGroup offers a solution for supply chain managers and demand planners who have difficulty in the planning process. The SO99 + system provides business results in complex environments that prevent unstable demand, and enables quantitative and qualitative data leverage to improve the forecast, all in order to improve the planning process. If your organization is unable to obtain a detailed and accurate forecast, inventory levels are not adjusted to the guaranteed level of service, or planners spend most of their time trying to build a statistical forecast, we can help.

The guiding approach in system development, which we proudly call "powerfully simple" allows our clients to advance to a high level of understanding and automation of the design process. This approach is reflected in forecast planning, handling fragmented and slow demand, launching new products, sales promotions and promotions, replacement products and seasonal planning.

In the period in which we live supply chain management is an essential procedure that connects the organization to its suppliers and customers. The procedure greatly affects the success and profitability of the organization, starting with the raw materials and ending with a final product ready for marketing and sale. At the same time, due to the nature of the changing and advanced market it is necessary to carry out dynamic planning in a supply chain that suits the current and future needs of the company. At Resner Logistics Software Ltd., we have complete solutions for these needs in the form of advanced software for managing the supply chain.

The need for dynamic supply chain planning

The need for dynamic planning in the supply chain stems from changing market conditions stemming from, among other things, global competition, improvements and technological changes, and the economic situation of the economy. These data have led to a growing demand among consumers for increasingly diverse and innovative products, which have forced companies and organizations to develop a high level of flexibility in company management in general, and in particular in everything related to the supply chain. This is a flexibility that requires the creation of a smart and comprehensive supply management system, which also integrates the suppliers and customers of the organization and is based on advanced technologies. Our company has a variety of solutions to these problems, which enable dynamic and up-to-date management and control of dependent relationships between orders from manufacturers and suppliers, optimization of the daily and dynamic planning of the distribution and logistics system, inventory capacity dictates and production cycles.

Systems and software for dynamic design in the supply chain

In order to meet the needs of a dynamic supply chain, we market, implement and support systems and management software dedicated to this field. The software and systems are developed by the world's leading software companies and include the following main options:

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